We set out to create a better survey experience when we noticed that the brands we were working for and doing business with collected customer feedback without making it consistent with the rest of their Customer Experience (CX). Their in-store and online experiences were all well done with consistent branding and narrative, but their surveys were bland and seemed branded more for the survey or market research company than their own organization. As both employees and customers, it came across as an afterthought that wasn’t taken as seriously as the rest of their CX. We saw this as a unique opportunity to make meaningful changes to how people and brands communicate with one another.

What We Do

We optimize URLs for branding and memorability

We set out to find a domain that allowed us to focus entirely on our clients’ brand while increasing memorability and acquired Values.Feedback. When we issue a sub-domain for your brand, it creates an English statement: OurBrand.Values.Feedback

This is immediately more memorable to your customers and looks great in print, allowing you to confidently display the URL anywhere you’d like!

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We reduce friction by using NFC

We create feedback nudges, which are strategically placed prompts to give feedback.

Feedback nudges use Near Field Communication (NFC) tags, the same technology found in many employee ID & access badges, to launch your survey or nearly anything else online, on NFC enabled smartphones. When a customer’s phone is tapped against the tag, it opens a browser window and automatically opens the URL. They can also be used to connect to wi-fi, link to menus, band bios, or other general information. These tags are placed under stickers in conspicuous locations such as the counter near a register, in checkbooks at restaurants, on treadmills in fitness centers, and on the desks of employees.

Each tag can be assigned variables such as location and employee name. By launching a survey through that specific feedback nudge, the survey is reduced by one question for each predetermined variable. If your Values.Feedback URL is entered manually, the variables are unknown and questions such as which location was visited and what employee helped them will be asked.

We believe NFC will be widely used to create engaging, connected spaces and are excited to be on the forefront of this new technology!

We save you time & money by doing it for you

We’re a full-service agency because we recognize that while collecting customer feedback can seem easy, creating a successful feedback loop that drives innovation is not.

Anyone can set up a survey on a free account from a DIY platform and interpret the results at face value. It takes time, energy, and thoughtful strategy to integrate it as a valued pillar in your brand and analyze the data to create insight.

It’s our goal to make it as easy for you to gain actionable insights from your customer feedback as it is for your customers to give it. We collaborate with you to determine what kind of metrics you’d like to measure and how you’d like to manage them. We can create custom dashboards with role-specific viewing permissions that display graphs updated in real-time.

These graphs can be as broad as your brand’s overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) and as specific as an individual employee’s impact on the NPS of a particular location.

This allows you to manage the training and development needs of your staff based on the voice of the customer.

Why it matters

In our increasingly digital society, if a brand doesn’t make it abundantly evident how to conveniently provide feedback, the customer will inevitably first turn to social media and review sites.

Placing feedback nudges throughout your location increases the probability they will be the first line of communication with your brand by proactively asking for feedback, while making it convenient and evident to give. This digital, open door policy creates a culture of collaboration and engagement within your customer base while acting as a filter for negative comments that would otherwise end up online. It affords you the opportunity to gather the information you need to look into a situation and address it in a more constructive manner. This will hopefully lead to a positive review, detailing your successful commitment to customer feedback & service, posted in a public forum, archived for others to see.

If you feel that our solutions would be a good fit for your brand, please fill out our pre-sale survey, after also reviewing our demo page, to help us tailor our service packages and pricing tiers directly to your needs.