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Near Field Communication (NFC) 

An NFC tag, pictured here next to a quarter, makes it possible to connect your digital space to
a physical object by configuring it to launch a website.

We use it to provide a frictionless customer experience when launching a feedback form.


Form Design

No one likes filling out forms, online or otherwise.

This is especially true when the form is a dull page filled with a long list of questions,
many of which could have been eliminated based on previous answers if any logic were applied. 

We configure your forms to include logic, calculations, and custom notifications so you’re
asking only relevant questions and are notified by text or email when something requires your attention. 

When you launch the demo, you’ll also notice we use the domain Values.Feedback
in order to form an English sentence with the URL e.g. YourBrand.Values.Feedback

This makes the domain perfect for print marketing and placing in email signatures!

Dashboards & Databases

NFC makes it effortless to open a website.

Smart forms collect customer data in the most efficient and effective way possible.

None of that matters without somewhere to store and analyze the data.

Play with our simple yet snazzy demo of Results Cloud and see which location is doing best,
which employees are the real rock stars, and who needs more training.

For starters, make note of the metrics and see what
happens when you use the drop-down filters at the top of the page
to uncheck the boxes for Riley and Isabel.

  • Survey collection is lead generation and brand building, rolled into one.

    Having a modern survey experience that is consistent with the rest of your brand expresses your sincere care for your customers and the experiences they have with you. Presenting the survey in a convenient and evident way across multiple channels also encourages greater participation, which leads to more accurate results.

    This gives you the ability to make informed business decisions, tactically train and reward key staff, and automate email collection, which can then be used for further marketing. 

  • Industries that have physical locations as well as regular online correspondence with their customers are best suited to take advantage of our solutions, but entirely digital or physical storefronts are certainly able to benefit!

  • We are the first market research company to offer a sub-domain that creates an English sentence with your brand name e.g. YourBrand.Values.Feedback

    This makes it perfect for email signatures, in-store print marketing, and sharing on social media. We are also the first company to integrate Near Field Communication (NFC) to launch surveys by hovering your NFC enabled smartphone over a sticker, removing the need for your customer to type or click anything at all.

    We custom make each survey to be optimized for your branding and company goals and provide comprehensive dashboards and reports to gain valuable insights from your customer’s feedback. 

    We also manage everything for you, saving you and your company time and resources.

  • Any size company can take advantage of our solutions though we find that companies with 5 or more locations are able to generate the depth of responses necessary to gain more meaningful insights. 

  • Our packages are completely custom and start at $200 monthly with the first 3 months due upfront.

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