If you email your customers & care about measuring the quality of their experience, this is for you!

Make a statement with a unique URL that says it all!
e.g. YourBrand.Values.Feedback

  • Values.Feedback is the domain we use to create your custom URL, forming an English sentence with your brand as the subject.

    This makes it perfect for placing in email signatures and in-store print marketing!

  • The Dream Catcher Effect: Filter Bad Reviews
    Mistakes happen and dissatisfied customers are inevitable. Having a convenient and evident survey to submit feedback increases the odds a dissatisfied customer will come to you first, instead of just posting complaints online. This proactive approach enables you to collect necessary information about the situation and send a notification with the summary to the appropriate staff, all while making it clear to your customer that you care about their experience enough to provide such an option. A well executed survey is a dreamcatcher for bad reviews!

    Generate Leads
    By dynamically changing questions based on their answers, we help you ask your customers the right questions at the right time to strategically request testimonials, referrals, and follow up opportunities from qualified customers.

    Data based HR
    Once responses start rolling in, it isn’t difficult to figure out which employees are driving your success and which ones are holding you back.
    An example of this is provided in the Results.Cloud section. Without measuring how your employees impact your Key Performance Indicators, your training, incentives, and employee expectations won’t be as efficient or effective as they could be with customer feedback.

    Deliver a Premium Experience
    When we discovered that premium brands were using the same bland survey practices as everyone else, we saw it as an opportunity to create something special for the those that care enough to stand out. We recognize the mandate for uncompromising excellence and commitment to detail that these brands represent & promise.

    We set out to create a survey experience consistent with these standards, while also expanding the analytic capabilities and simple user experience that most self-service options lack.

    We are proud of what we’ve built because we know that for brands committed to continually improving their premium experience, we offer a game changing solution that is as fashionable as it is functional.

    1. Book a half-hour Discovery call with us to discuss what your goals are and whether we’ll be a good fit.
    2. Once we decide we’d be a good fit for each other & establish your needs, we’ll send you a proposal.
    3. After reviewing and agreeing to the proposal, we will begin work on your survey and dashboard.
    4. After launching your survey, we will set regular meetings to review results and make adjustments and feature requests as needed.


Measure the quality of your customer experience on a white labeled dashboard.
e.g. YourBrand.Results.Cloud

  • 1. On the dashboard below, make note of the metrics goal and current state

    2. Click the arrow on “Employees”

    3. Un-check the boxes for Riley and Isabel

    4. Click OK

    5. See how much this organization would improve by training or terminating these two employees


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